About Us

WatPro Pvt Ltd is a Zimbabwean-based company developed with the role of promoting sustainable natural resources management. This incorporates all issues that relate to natural resources development, management and utilisation. Further to natural resources management the company focuses on environmental and agricultural consultancy. Under agriculture WatPro covers issues of irrigation development, budgets, poultry and piggery production

Company structure, Management & staffing

WatPro Pvt Ltd is structured to realise its number one mission to be a provider of knowledge in the natural resources and agricultural sectors. Also we aim to be the leader in quality and effective consulting solutions in assignments related to water, natural resource, agriculture, environment, water demand management training.

WatPro Pvt Ltd is divided into three main sections that work in achieving the mandate of the company and promoting sustainable water resources in the country as well as in the region and end up being a global competitor.

WatPro Water

The consulting division covers areas of water resources consulting areas. The division will provide services to the consulting companies in the country as well as in the region who carry out Environmental Impact Assessments coming in the assessment as Hydrologists, Hydrogeologist, Hydraulics specialist as well as civil engineers. The areas that will be covered will focus on development, management and maintenance of water related issues. Another area the division will focus is with respect to trainings on water demand management. the division will also be involved in the Agricultural sector as well. Focusing on irrigation, agri-business, mechanisation as well as agricultural structures. Trainings will also be offered in the different areas that will be noted as a need which may have arisen.

The divison also is involved in the design, installation and maintenance of boreholes, irrigation and plumbing work. For plumbing we cover all sections from domestic to industrial plumbing. We have vast experience in the installation and maintenance of sinks, basins & tubs, solar & electrical geysers, faucets and drainlaying. We also offer Well Pumping system for those in areas where water connections from council are not yet available.

WatPro Environment

Th division has the mandate of promoting environmental sustainability through quality work in the areas of Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA), Environmental Management Plan (EMP), Safety, Health and Environmental Management (SHEM). The division whose clients are miners, property developers as well as various industries that have significant impacts on the environment. The division is also involved in the training of personnel, companies, institutions and organisations in resources mapping, pre-feasibility assessments using Google Earth as well as Geographical Information System softwares. We also training on water management as well as water saving techniques for domestic and commercial sectors.

WatPro Fire and Safety

Due to the increased occurance of workplace injuries and accidents, it gave the rise of the division. The role of the division is to empower employers and employees to be equipped with the necessary knowledge to minimise rise and where possible eradicate its occurrence. Our staff are well trained with years of experience and are ale to give hands on knowledge from personal experiences.