Our Team

Water and Environment

Mr. K. D. Bhunu is the Managing Consultant and Water Resources & GIS specialist for WatPro Pvt Ltd a company that deals in water resources management. He has been involved in establishing the structures of the company as well as setting a stable footing in the sector for the company in Harare and Zimbabwe as a whole. He has also worked as a Water Resources and Land Specialist at WEMA Consult (T) Ltd. He was involved in a number of water resources management projects including irrigation, soil-water management, hydrology, rainwater harvesting, water supply and sanitation, water resources modelling as well as GIS and Remote Sensing applications for water resources science. Mr. Bhunu previously worked as an Irrigation Engineer with Waterflo Engineering, where he was involved in various irrigation scheme design, establishment and supervision of work on the different projects that were running.  He is acquainted with hands on experience in the use of state-of-the-art analytical, data analysis and decision support tools and techniques applied in water resources engineering and management. These include models for river and flood plain modelling, pipe network analysis,  groundwater and surface water modelling (EPANET, WEAP, SWAT); GIS and Remote Sensing applications (ArcGIS, ERDAS Imagine and ILWIS), as well as various database development and data analysis softwares.

Ms. Mzilikazi is a Groundwater specialist with a wealth of experience thatHold a full has been aquired from her time in China. She has been exposed to the areas of Project proposal development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. This has proven critical in carrying out Environment Impact Assessments. Part of the EIA process involves Implementing and Monitoring Environmental Management Issues in order for maintanance of a sustainable environmnt. Her strength has mainly been Groundwater Simulation using GMS, Groundwater movement using Modflow and Modpath. This is of paramount importance in advising on Environmental & Natural Resources Management with great concern bein on groundwater. She is also convesant with topographical surveys Quality and quantity testing of water and soil samples, which is key to sustainable water resources managment. Lastly Ms Mzilikazi is holder of a BSc Honours degree in Land and Water Resources Management as well as a MSc in Hydrology and Water Resources Management and can translate written document from Chinese to English.

.Mr. S. Bhunu is a Safety specialist, who understands domestic, residential and industrial safety. Currently works in the Emergency Services in the Harare City Council. He has working experience in Fire and Emergency service.


Agri-Business and Production

Mr. T. Jowa is an Agricultural Economist with a Masters in Agricultural and Applied Economics from the University of Zimbabwe. He is a professional, dedicated and result oriented individual with vast experience of demonstrated achievements in community development work, monitoring and evaluation of development interventions. He has the ability to work effectively with diversified groups of people with exceptional verbal and written communications skills. Self motivated and capable of working industrious hours fulfilling deadlines. Mr. Jowa is proficient in Microsoft Office excel, power point presentation, word, internet, e – mails and data analysis and storage packages such as CS Pro, Olympe and SPSS.

Mr. R. Tivakudze is a Crop scientist who has a wealth of experience in production of both field and horticultural crops. He is a holder of a Bsc hon degree in Crop science from the Midlands State University. Further more he holds a Masters degreen in Environmental Science which has proven to be important in managing agricultural projects. He has working experience in the production of crops such has Lettuce, maize, soya beans and potatoes. He has been involved in a number of trainings in the production of crops. He is versatile in a number of agricultural related softwares for managment and production.

Mrs. H. Zimbudzana-Bhunu is in Agribusiness with a Bachelors Degree in Agri-business from the Solusi University of Zimbabwe. She has a wealth of experience in the Poultry sector covering Broilers, Layers and Breeding stock for small scale and commercial production. She has strong working experience as a Hatchery Manager at commercial level, and also has good people skills and has experience in setting up section standards. She is profieicent in Nova-Tech and Jamesway Equipment and has a working experience in ISO 22000 and ISO 17025